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Premier producer of the "local" Malaysia traditional roasted coffee

BCC Ban Chuan has been in the coffee blending business for 50 years, since 1960, making coffee in the traditional way, roasting special blends of beans in the "bowl" over a firewood fire until they are of the right colour, aroma and taste, then grinding them into coarse-grained powder. Our traditional roast is pure, natural and the best choice for connoisseurs. Many coffee shops, our traditional customers, have been our clients from the time we started business and from the time they started business. We have been partners for decades, sharing in the benefits of good taste.

BCC stands for Best Choice for Connoisseurs. We are practicing traditional method of roasting coffee beans in  natural by using special firewood, a blend of imported coffee beans, our time, hard work and sweat, and lastly, our loving care, just to make sure you can enjoy the traditional coffee drinks that your ancestor had tasted before ......
 by our traditional way of roasting it.

We believe in maintaining and keeping pure the production process of our traditional roasts. According to the taste demands of our clients,we use imported Arabica and Robusta Coffee beans from Latin America and  Asian region. Some coffee connoisseurs savour just the taste and aroma, others look for the colour of the coffee first, then the aroma of the coffee second. No matter your preference, we produce different blends for different tastes, and one will be just right for you. 


We strongly recommend you our Supreme Gold Coffee Mixture should you need a little more classic oldies memory .....



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