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1 X BCC Roasted Peaberry(500gm) + 1 X BCC Roasted Arabica(500gm) + 1 X BCC Roasted Premium Blend(500gm)

RM 150.00 RM 155.00
  • Hand picked premium Arabica and Robusta coffee bean growth above sea level 4000ft.
  • BCC Roasted Premium Blend(500gm) - Nutty with mild bitter after taste.
  • BCC Craft Roasted Peaberry(500gm) - Fresh fruity taste, low acidity and mild sweetness aftertaste.
  • BCC Arabica(500gm) - Fruity taste, low acidity.
  • Freshly roasted and pack upon received of your order.
  • Maximum products freshness and shelve life.
  • 100% natural coffee bean, No artificial flavor/coloring.
  • Halal certified and Suitable for vegetarian.